Creating a brand, a unique style, to be recognizable on the market is the imperative of every ambitious company.


MicroMedia Studio for graphic design

Your business needs an identity that will separate it from others and provide acceptance from existing and future partners and customers.
We offer you the services of designing your visual identity and all advertising for the press and related applications.

Graphic design that leads you to the top

Design increases value, motivates potential users, creates brand recognition and impacts the public’s impression of the company, its services or products. Design is connecting identity and character, activity and profile, design explains what something is or where it comes from, presents and promotes, creates interest, develops inclination, assures, invokes.

Together with business strategy and a marketing plan, visual identity will help your clients better perceive the value of your company. The goal is to be different from the rest, recognizable and to present yourself at any given time.

We listen carefully and we develop strategy and graphic design that changes the business flow of our clients.


Primary services of graphic design

We design without compromise, with focus on the project by whole team.
  • Design and preparation for printing direct marketing products (catalog, brochure, flyer, etc.)
  • Design and preparation for the printing of external marketing assets (posters, billboards, board, flags, branding vehicles, etc.)
  • Design and preparation for the printing of advertising material (calendars, newsletters, etc.)
  • Design and preparation of the company’s internal identity (t-shirts, accreditations, pens, etc.)
A picture is worth a thousand words, so visit our portfolio portfolio and see the quality of our work for yourself .


The graphic designers of MicroMedia are ready to meet all your ideas and turn them into creative and compact designs

Logo design itself is a process and its value is not just a graphic design of a sign. It should carry the value of the brand in itself. What is a brand? Brand is a perception in the minds of customers about the value of your company or product.
The item you will give to someone you just met and hopefully make a good first impression. Elegant, legible and interesting tells a lot about you and your companyThe right choice of paper and various printing technologies, such as dry stamps, goldsmiths, etc. will make it even more elegant and interesting.
It is very nice to hand over your written materials to the client in a folder, or send a letter, an invoice, etc. in an envelope that is recognizable and well-designed. This is virtually free advertising, which only requires minimal effort.
A news ad is an inevitable means of communication today. It must be designed so that the reader takes the message in within a few seconds . A good message can be designed in the smallest ad format.
We will be happy to design your packaging for cheese, cream, milk, chocolate, etc. all in order to put your identity on the product. The customer needs the quick and easy recognition of the brand for a repetitive purchase.
There are books intended for different audiences, and for this reason they are designed in a specific ways. From books devoted to education to bestsellers, novels, etc. the thing that is always taken into account is simple and easy reading. To accomplish this, it is necessary to carefully select the fonts, font sizes ,margins, formats, paper thickness…
A billboard is a big advertising structure. They are usually located in high traffic areas and in places where there is a high frequency of pedestrians and vehicles. Typically it shows large and witty slogans readable from a long distance. Posters are the second most common form of outdoor advertising.
Street signs indicating distance from the destination (restaurants, companies, hotels …) is called street signalization. If there is only one road sign on the street then it would probably not be important what it looks like, but what if you have several, next to each other, as is the case today, where you receive a message at every step.
Every company that wants to seriously present itself and has continuity in advertising must have a Book of Graphic Standards. It represents the display of the Logotype and its possible applications in various shapes and on various materials.
The Memo, apart from being legally required, as a document for writing letters, bids and invoices, represents in one hand the image of your company. Why not present yourself in the best way wherever possible?
Everybody, at some point, has the need for catalogs, brochures, or leaflets. Various formats and purposes will properly present your services and products.
Magazines are printed in various formats and on different paper substrates. It is important to make them legible and recognizable. The role of graphic design is to determine graphic constants such as fonts, their size, spans, titles, margins…
Whether it’s wedding invitations or congratulation cards for any occasion, we will listen to your requests and approach the conceptual solution. It is nice to invite your guests and business partners to an event with a beautifully designed invitation.
You can produce a top of the class wine, but if it is not in the proper packaging (bottle) and if there is no well-formed label, then chances are very slim that the customer chooses it on the shelf where there are hundreds of other wines from your competitors.
A vehicle is constantly on the move, passing by a large number of people and sending everyone a message about your company. Whether it’s a delivery vehicle or a company vehicle, the vehicles are one of the best ways to transmit a message to your prospective customers.
There are many places and ways of presentation that are absolutely free. They need to be recognized and put some effort in making it happen. Glass surfaces,printing on t-shirts, bumper stickers, adverts of foreign brands for our market, annual reports, shop windows, tourist brochures, flags, stamps, advertising blocks, table flags, CD covers, web banner ads … we will gladly give you graphic design suggestions. Take every opportunity to promote your company.


We can design everything from visit cards to billboards.

Contemporary and professional graphic design of logos, posters, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, pricelists, business cards, business stamps, branding vehicles, and online promotional materials are just some of the services we offer.

If you need some of the graphic design services feel free to contact us or see the price list for graphic design services

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