We are a developing company, the number of clients, employees and associates is growing and we are determined and have a clear vision. We want to develop in the existing well-known markets, but we also want to enter new markets and we are open to new ideas.



Earn extra money!

INDIVIDUAL OR A COMPANY– doesn`t metter. To become an authorized distributor of our products and services, you don`t need to own a company. First of all, you need good communication skills and a sense for sales. We will get you acquainted with our products and services i.e. technical knowledge as well as sales instructions through training (live or online). We are looking for a communicative person who wants to learn and grow.
THE POSSIBILITY OF EARNINGS IS UNLIMITED, because your percentage will increase with your sales and due to posibility of various monthly maintenance services sales, you can earn yourself a regular salary. So you provide yourself with bonuse.
A GENERAL DISTRIBUTOR for a particular country or language is your future. Every beginning is hard. It is necessary to develop the sales network. However, we are a team and we are stronger together. With the development of sales and cooperation, we will, along with local clients who came to our website through internet ads, refer new associates who want to become distributors.
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EXPAND YOUR TEAM AND SERVICE RANGE offered to the market. If your agency or company is engaged in services related to the products and services of our team, and you do not have the knowledge or resources to independently organize and develop it, then you are in the right place.  
EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE should be your motto as well. Complete your service range with our help and never again let the client go elsewhere.
AGENCY DISCOUNTS are provided and agreed upon for all our products and services. Discounts depend on the level of engagement of the project management for each client. If our team is engaged in project management with a client, or the type of service is such that the mediator is simply unnecessary, the percentages are lower. Do not worry. We are here to prevent your competitors from taking over your client, and not to get your clients for ourselves, because it’s simply not business ethics.
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SOFTWARE LICENSING OR BRANDING is possible and it means that through our own sales channels you can offer all products and services from our range, but under your name. You can use our services for your own marketing. 
TO OBTAIN A LICENSE you need to meet certain minimum requirements. You need to show us a clear business plan to realize your idea and to guarantee a certain sale on a monthly and annual basis. The license is renewed every year under the same or more favorable conditions.
LICENSING BENEFITS are in the first place the creation of your own brand and market presence. An experiential development path is shortened given that we provide KNOW HOW, and in the end with the licensing you are provided the most favorable conditions. The flexibility of our approach provides you with the choice of services and products. We offer you the use of a partial license when you transfer certain jobs ,immediately or over time, to yourself.
Become an associate!




Kompletirati predstavljanje i optimizovati poslovanje vaše firme na Internetu.


Proširiti vašu ponudu dodatnim uslugama iz našeg portfolija.


Realizovati vlastite ideje i projekte na Internetu, a ne znate kako.

Naši najčešći partneri i klijenti su:

  • pojedinci (fizička lica) koji žele dodatno da zarade
  • firme koje nemaju mogućnost stalnog zapošljavanja programera ili dizajnera
  • grafički dizajneri koji se bave web dizajnom, a nemaju vlastite programere
  • marketinške i PR agencije s kojima zajedno kreiramo kompletnu ponudu web dizajna i web programiranja za njihove klijente
  • firme koje se bave programiranjem i traže partnera za izradu web dizajna
  • firme koje prodaju Internet usluge ili specijalizovana rješenja za Internet (hosting firme ili sl.), a trebaju partnera za web dizajn i programiranje



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Ukoliko ste motivisana ličnost sa prodajnim spostobnostima.

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