Stand out in a crowd with a professional Facebook page.


Social Networking

Social networks have become an indispensable part of any promotional appearance of a company or brand, because this is the easiest way to reach new users of your services or products, but also a way to communicate with existing ones.

It’s one thing to have a personal profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and quite another to keep the company’s page professionally.
So entrust your social networks account management to professionals – our community managers will manage your business on social networks professionally, and the results will be visible in shortest possible time.

Make two-way communication on social networks while strategically and continuously managing your pages. Your public presence is unquestionable, only the question is who controls it?! Do you know what is said about you?

Through social networks, you increase traffic to your website, develop awareness of your brand and connect with users in the long run.


Advertise only to the target audience and new customers

As a service, we also offer advertising through social networks, most often through Facebook. This advertising works similar to all other types of online advertising, through ads that appear on the right side of the screen or between posts.

In addition to creating an ad, in cooperation with you, we will develop the advertising strategy as well as the budget needed for this type of advertising.

By posting on Facebook, you will be present on the world’s most popular social network, and you can target your audience with your ads to increase their effect. Our task is to help you with that.


Facebook apps

The possibilities are unlimited, and the goal is to animate and retain users by providing interesting options and by providing additional values and services. And of course, maintaining a constant interaction and relationship. These can be prize-winning games, interesting surveys, collecting coupons for additional discounts – in short, everything that comes to your mind can be done within your Facebook profile.

Be creative and bring Your ideas to life!


Managing profiles on other social networks

In addition to the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, there are several more important services that we must not bypass in modern business. Primarily we mean Instagram and LinkedIn, and somewhat less popular in our area, Google+ and Twitter.

In addition to advertising and interaction with your users, it is important to mention the „search engine results page“ (SERP) factor that they give to your company and it is desirable to have an accounts and periodically update them.


Our approach

Make two-way communication on social networks while strategically and continuously managing your accounts.
So entrust it to professionals – our community manager will professionally, and at the best prices, manage your accounts on social networks.
  • We prepare a strategic approach for social networks.
  • We design the visual identity of your accounts on social networks.
  • We publish targeted and attractive content on a daily / weekly basis.
  • We communicate with customers and we answer queries everyday.
  • At least two people in two shifts are responsible for keeping your accounts.
  • We will provide you with a monthly reports to track the results.
  • We prepare suggestions for new content based on the general strategy.
  • We keep in touch with you to direct your campaigns towards your goals.

The presence on social networks is the way to success

In modern business, being present on social networks is one of the most important factors and preconditions for success. If you do not have quality content and social network design, there is a great chance for you not to be grasped by the service users seriously and ultimately bypassed.

In addition to the above, there are a large number of potential customers and clients on the social networks that you do not want to miss. If you need a professional Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account, please contact us to present your business at its best.

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